CCL and FIL presented the «Lisbon Live Meetings»

Lisbon Live Meetings the new service offered by CCL – Lisbon Congress Centro and FIL – Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre, was presented to a live audience of approximately 60 participants, in addition to a virtual audience of 800, in a trustworthy and safe environment, with the motto #gettogetheragain.

Lisbon Live Meetings is a hybrid solution that ties the virtual experience to a real scenario hence permitting a vast connection between the participants on site and those on the digital platform. For businesses to be able to continue to communicate, Lisbon FCE teams have developed this innovative, safe, differentiating and turn-key solution that aims, in a trustworthy environment, to respond to an existing demand thus allowing businesses to achieve their clients’ communication goals, with impact and value.

Lisbon Live Meetings is founded on a joint venture between Lisboa FCE and its audiovisuals partner, AVK, which aims to be a physical as well as operational platform comprised of a real scenario of innovative resources that permit an extensive dissemination of contents with breakthrough results.

We seek to link our renowned professionalism in realizing events to technology, launching in the market a service which will provide solutions to our clients’ requests. This product, which at its debut, assembled 60 live participants as well as an audience of more than 800 that accompanied us virtually, permits events to take place in total safety, while implementing all the heath regulations. As we continue to be positive that the onsite network is vital, thus we aim to make these events Unique and Unforgettable!  –stated Maria João Rocha de Matos, Lisboa FCE General Director.

Lisboa, June 30, 2020