Project Description

Pavilion 3

Pavilion 3 has an area of 1200 sqm where it is possible to hold exhibitions and other events with a maximum of 45 modules, each with 9m2 , and catering services with a seating capacity for up to 900 people.

Up to 4 meeting rooms may be assembled, each with an area of 180 sqm, by means of soundproof movable walls, which may also be joined to create a single space covering an area of 450 sqm .

This Pavilion may also be accessed by an independent entrance from Rua da Junqueira.

The electrical telecommunications and water boxes are inside the pillars of the pavilion.

Area sqm Plateia (Pax)  School(Pax)  “U shape” (Pax)  Banquets (Pax)  Cocktail (Pax)  Stands c/ 9m2
1200 1000 1000 45

    1200 sqm of multifunctional space!

                Pavilion 3 has the best conditions to guarantee that your event is a huge success.

Pavilion 3 room capacity

Room Area Theatre (Pax)  School (Pax)  “U shape” (Pax)
3A 180 150 60 30
3B 180 150 60 30
3C 180 150 60 30
3A+3B+3C 450 450 150 100