Project Description

Pavilion 2 (Rio Pavilion)

This is a prime venue for the staging of large-scale events. Pavilion 2 has an area of 3.800 sqm, characterised by an absence of pillars which makes the venue particularly versatile. It has a 3m high gallery with an area of  approximately 1.000 sqm.

Launched on May 26 1957 with the name Pavilhão Keil do Amaral [Keil do Amaral Pavilion], it was the International Fair of Lisbon for over 40 years.

In September 2007, it was renamed Pavilhão do Rio. This venue for the staging of large scale events is, nowadays, one of the historical landmarks not only of Lisbon, but also of the whole country.

It is a flexible space, ideal for the hosting of large- scale events such as Fairs and Exhibitions, Congresses and Meetings, Shows, Parties and Banquets and Sports Events. Its location makes it possible for the pavilion to function independently or in conjunction with the other surrounding premises.

Area sqm Theatre (Pax)  School(Pax)  “U” shape (Pax)  Banquets (Pax)  Cocktail (Pax)  Booths c/ 9m2
3800 3500 2000 3500 4500 220

    Pavilhão do Rio is one of Lisbon’s historical buildings and part of the city’s architectural heritage

 Pavilhão do Rio (pavilion 2) offers unique conditions for the staging of all kinds of events.