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Lisbon – Fairs, Congresses and events manages all the facilities of the Lisbon Congress Center, the New FIL [Industrial Fair of Lisbon] and the PT Meeting Center [FIL Conference center]. As a result of its renowned quality and effective management of facilities designed to host congresses, conventions and events, Lisboa – Feiras, Congressos e Eventos [Lisbon Fairs, Congresses and Events] activity is based on hosting and managing events in the above-mentioned venues, at FIL and at other previously selected venues. Lisboa – Feiras, Congressos e Eventos is both a national and international benchmark in venue and event management.
To promote the economic and social progress not only of the Lisbon region, but also of the entire country, by developing business tourism, expediting the dissemination of knowledge for companies, providing conditions for increased productivity and competitive capacity in global and international markets, hosting and organizing events, sharing challenges and success with customers and suppliers, and improving their financial performance, thus contributing progressively to the statutory activities of the AIP Foundation.
In its relations with customers, suppliers and workers,Lisboa – Fairs, Congresses and Events is guided by business ethics, management excellence, social responsibility and the promotion of sustainable development.



Every detail counts for an event to be successful! We work in close collaboration with a network of experienced and carefully chosen partners, leaving nothing left to chance.

On the basis of the One-Stop-Shop model, we ensure that all the required services are provided for the staging of your event, with tailored solutions to match your needs and expectations.

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Our company is part of the AIP Foundation


The aim of the AIP Foundation is to promote, sponsor and hold events geared towards the development of Portuguese company activities in associative, technical, economic and commercial fields, thus contributing to the growth of the Portuguese economy.

A further aim of the AIP Foundation is to pursue goals of a scientific, cultural, social solidarity and environmental protection nature.