Lisboa – Feiras Congressos e Eventos manages three of the most emblematic venues in the city of Lisbon, fully prepared to stage events: Lisbon Congress Centre, in Junqueira/Belem, Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre and PT Meeting Center, in Parque das Nações. These three facilities are located in prime areas of the city, close to the River Tagus, to an extensive supply of hotels, attractions, commercial and cultural venues, night-life and public transport

Centro de Congressos de Lisboa

Lisbon Congress Centre

The Lisbon Congress Centre – CCL, located in close proximity to the historical area of Belem, stands out for the quality of its premises and services. It is a functional and multi-purpose facility, equipped with 8 Auditoriums, 5 Pavilions, 33 Meeting rooms, a Restaurant and two car parks, thus offering the ideal conditions to stage congresses, exhibitions and other events.


Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre

Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre

Located in Parque das Nações, and characterised by a unique architecture, the  Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre – FIL stands out for the technical and logistic conditions it offers in the staging of large scale events. With a total area of 100.000 sq m , it is equipped with 4 Pavilions, 1 Multi-purpose Pavilion, Meeting Rooms and an underground car park. The complex also includes a Meeting center  and  an outdoor square.


PT Meeting Center

PT Meeting Center

The PT Meeting Center – PT Meeting Center is located in Parque das Nações, at the heart of the business and technological hub of the city of Lisbon, within the confines of a unique building. The PT Meeting Center is a contemporary architecture building, equipped with 3 Auditoriums, 5 Meeting Rooms, 2 exhibition foyers and an underground car park. This venue has an event capacity for up to 500 people.


Experience counts in the organisation and management of events!

Our team has extensive experience in the staging of all types of events. From the most demanding and challenging to the most unlikely!

  • Experienced and professional team
  • Excellent premises
  • One-stop-shop model with recourse to carefully selected partnerships
  • Privileged location in one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Internationally renowned quality services

Each event is a unique and remarkable experience.  Therefore, the opinion of our customers is of utmost importance!

In order to maintain the habitual high level of satisfaction with our services, each event is regarded as a challenge. It is our firm belief that this is the only way to assure that the growing levels of demand of the events we stage are met.

The opinion of our customers

Another Congress is over! A Congress that exceeded all expectations and was, once again, a surprise. Over the past two days we managed to host an event of the highest standard on every level for all participants.
Secretary General, Business Association
Staff at the CCL was very affordable , always cooperative , quickly presenting solutions and fixes some situations that could not be provided or agreed . I was able to tell them personally that were always present and helpful .
General Director, Telecomunication Association

Overall satisfaction rating | %

Functionality 92
Audiovisual materials 89
Technical Services 88
Cleaning Service 94

New solution for Hybrid Events

CCL and FIL presented «Lisbon Live Meetings»

Lisbon Live Meetings the new service offered by CCL – Lisbon Congress Centro and FIL – Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre, was presented to a live audience of approximately 60 participants, in addition to a virtual audience of 800, in a trustworthy and safe environment, with the motto #gettogetheragain.

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In order to minimize the possible inherent impacts of this virus, Lisbon Congress Center announces the implementation of a Contingency Plan, ensuing the guidance of World Health Organization and  Health Department of the Portuguese government, highlighted as follows:

  • Information concerning all the safety health procedures in visible locations
  • Sanitizer gel pumps provided at the entrance and on the premises
  • The opening of a medical facility, with a doctor and a nurse present during the event
  • The establishment of an isolation area for suspected cases, with information concerning our evacuation protocol
  • Diffusion of information and good safety practices and measures among all FIL employees in order to diminish potential work risks